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As we age, many of us start experiencing benign skin and vascular lesions such as skin tags, ruby points and milia bumps. These can appear on the skin of the face, neck, and other body areas. Additionally, many people with fair skin also start to see other vascular conditions such as spider veins due to physiological and environmental factors.

However, there is no need to worry. Using Vasculyse technology we can successfully get rid of these skin conditions quickly and affordably.

Vasculyse is a safe, non-invasive system that electrocoagulates vascular skin blemishes and benign lesions in order to eliminate them. These include:

Spider angiomas and telangiectasia develop when small capillaries become permanently dilated and become visible as red lines just below the surface of the skin. Electrocoagulation technology employed by our Vasculyse system instantaneously removes these lines by simply touching the skin with a probe.

Other conditions such as skin tags, milia and ruby points require one to four sessions to see full results.

Our Vasculyse Benign Lesion Removal treatment is completely safe, quick and affordable with almost no side-effects.

All lesion removal treatments begin with a free consultation. So, call us today to book yours!


Starting from $60. (Exact pricing to be given at your free consultation session.

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