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Attain firmer, fitter looking skin with Spring Mist Med Spa’s Skin Tightening treatment.

For those seeking tighter, younger looking skin without undergoing surgery, our Skin Tightening treatment is the answer. This treatment can help you to defy time by reducing and, in many cases, eliminating the associated signs of aging. This includes loose or sagging skin, folds, creases, and wrinkles, in a non-invasive and effective way.

Spring Mist Med Spa’s skin tightening treatment applies a combination of three advanced technologies, including Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Radio Frequency (RF)* and Infrared (IR) light. This high efficacy skin tightening regimen achieves impressive results in just a few relatively short pain-free treatments sessions.

The technical processes these technologies perform encourage the removal of damaged skin cells and fibers and stimulate the production of new, healthy collagen beneath the surface of the skin being treated. The collagen then fills in loose, sagging, or wrinkled skin. The new collagen which produces impressive results by tightening the skin can last for years.

Areas That Can be Treated

The following areas can be treated with Skin Tightening:

All Spring Mist Med Spa Skin Tightening treatments begin with a free consultation session. Call 905 875 3300 to book or book online.

Price:  Starting from $150 per session

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