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Spring Mist Med Spa’s Scar Revision (Scar Reduction) treatment is a gentle and efficient procedure that successfully fades away scar marks from the skin by resurfacing the skin. This includes scars caused by c-section and other surgical procedures, burn marks or other injuries.

Spring Mist Med Spa deploys innovative and advanced fractional laser technology (Er: YAG) by SharpLight. Er:YAG laser technology produces impressive results by drastically reducing the appearance scars.

The revolutionary Er:YAG laser produces a micro epidermal peel, which through a thermo-mechanical reaction, removes the problematic areas on the top layer of the skin. The fresh layer that grows has an improved texture, reduced, or disappeared rhytids, wrinkles, scarring and spots and an overall renewed radiance.

Our Scar Revision (Scar Reduction) treatment is quick, effective and safe.

All Scar Revision treatments at Spring Mist Med Spa start with a free consultation session. Call today to book your free consultation or book online. Call 905 875 3300.


Prices start from $200 per session

Why You Should Consider Scar Reduction (Scar Revision) treatment at Spring Mist Med Spa

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