Spring Mist Med Spa Milton

Spring Mist Med Spa offers both RMT and non-RMT massage therapy services. Our highly trained and highly skilled massage therapists will take away your stress, aches and pains by applying specialty techniques. At our med spa, we offer several massage techniques such as Thai, Indonesian, aromatherapy, deep tissue and more. 

Call Spring Mist Spa today to book your massage therapy session. Same day appointments are available.


Relaxation Massage 30 min.
Relaxation Massage 60 min.
Indian Head Massage 30 min.
Lymphatic Drainage Ayurvedic 30 min.
Hot Stone Massage 60 min.
Hot Stone Massage 90 min.
Reflexology 60 min.


RMT Massage 45 min.
RMT Massage 60 Min.
RMT Massage 75 Min.
RMT Massage 90 Min.
RMT Hot Stone Massage 45 Min.
RMT Hot Stone Massage 60 Min.
RMT Hot Stone Massage 90 Min.

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