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At Spring Mist Med Spa all our facials are customized to suit your specific skin type and condition.  All facial treatments include a thorough skin analysis from forehead to the décolleté to identify any potential problems, unique needs and how to treat them professionally. Spring Mist’s face treatments are unique and fully customizable by our Skin Care Specialists with exceptional ampoules, serums and masks.

We are equipped with knowledge and tools necessary to deliver result-oriented face and body treatments. At Spring Mist Med Spa Milton, we exclusively use Dr. Spiller Botanical products in our skin treatments. To read more about Dr. Spiller products, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

 Spring Mist Deep Cleansing Facial                               $90

The Deep Cleansing face treatment is great for all skin types.  It is customized based on your skin concerns.

Spring Mist Soothing Facial for Sensitive Skin   $90

Spring Mist Soothing face treatment for Sensitive Skin is a highly effective treatment for even the most sensitive skin. This facial will calm, soothe, and strengthen the surface of your skin.

Active Purifying Anti-Acne Facial                    $90

A purifying treatment for acne and oily congested skin. It uses botanical active ingredients that inhibit bacteria, and inflammation. A pleasantly cooling mask leaves the skin fresh, balanced, purified and clarified.

 Anti Redness, Anti Couperose Treatment     $100

This treatment addresses broken capillaries and redness and aims to harmonize the complexion, strengthen the capillaries walls, and improve the appearance of couperose by reducing redness.  

 Cellular Repair Treatment for Mature Skin       $100

Our Cellular Repair Facial protects you from negative effects of pollutants, bacteria and free radicals that accelerate aging of the skin. After Cellular Repair treatment you will see improved moisture, skin firmness and elasticity.

Vitamin C Brightening and Tightening Facial $100

Vitamin C Facial is a highly effective, multifunctional face treatment to counteract premature aging, improve elasticity and improve and brighten the overall skin tone and colour.

 Intensive Collagen Anti-Aging Facial           $135

Intensive Collagen Anti-Aging Facial treatment strengthens the skin, plumps fine lines and wrinkles. This is a perfect treatment for aging, dry and dehydrated skin. This collagen face treatment also soothes irritated skin. 

Celltresor Stem Cell Anti-Aging Face Treatment      $150

The Celltresor Stem Cell Angti-Aging Facial treatment with plant stem cells and Hyaluronic Acid safeguards against premature aging and produces a Botox like effect. It thoroughly hydrates & refreshes your skin for a smooth velvety texture.

Customized Teen Facial                                       $65

Treat your teen to a customized Dr. Spiller facial for clear and congestion free well-balanced skin. As a bonus, we will educate your teen on how to take care of their skin at home.

 ManAge Your Skin – Men’s Facials               $120

A regenerating facial treatment to meet the unique needs of male skin. It uses anti-aging botanical extracts to re-awaken the skin and unfold a powerful outcome of balance, firmness, and concentrated energy.

About Dr. Spiller Pure Skin Care Solutions

We exclusively use Dr. Spiller products to take care of your skin. Dr. Spiller Pure Skin Care is a  professional botanical European skin care line with products of the highest quality, developed using the latest scientific research. For over 50 years, Dr. Spiller has explored the skin and the power of natural ingredients. 

Dr. Spiller Pure Skin Care Solutions’ concept is simple: to hydrate, protect and support the natural function of the skin by providing ingredients that are Biomimetic.  This means that the products are designed to mimic the natural processes occurring on the surface of the skin, not fight against the skin. Spring Mist Med Spa offers European facials with Dr. Spiller product line for an extensive range of highly effective European Treatments targeted to address every skin concern or condition.  Dr. Spiller products are not only highly effective they are also an experience. Silky-soft creams, premium serums, cooling gels and refreshing face masks pamper the skin and deliver outstanding results from the start.

Dr. Spiller’s exclusive water in oil formulations are biomimetic and prevent Transepidermal Water Loss, one of the major factors in ageing skin allowing the skin to breathe and promoting maximum penetration of very effective active ingredients such as: Collagen peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Omega fatty acids, Anti-oxidants, marine actives, oxygen carriers, Aloe Vera and countless others.

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