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Smooth your skin’s surface with Spring Mist Med Spa’s Cellulite Reduction Treatment.

Spring Mist Med Spa’s Cellulite Reduction treatment produces tighter, smoother, and stronger skin. The treatment is safe, non-invasive and requires no downtime. It is suitable for patients of all skin types, body types and grades of cellulite, and delivers excellent long-lasting results.

Our advanced technology Cellulite Treatment will help you to get smoother skin by reducing the amount of cellulite deposits in targeted areas. The treatment uses Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) to combat cellulite. Cellulite consists of fat deposits under skin’s surface that cause a dimpled appearance in thighs and buttocks area, as well as the arms and abdomen.

The advanced RF technology used in this treatment reduces cellulite by increasing the temperature of the fat cells in the targeted area, which promotes destruction of fat cells (lypolitic effect). It also increases local blood flow and lymphatic circulation to drain away broken-down fatty deposits and cellulite cells. 

The Infrared (IR) therapy is then deployed to increase the production of collagen in the dermis. This helps to restore skins elasticity and tightens it around the space that was previously taken up by cellulite cells.

Areas That Can be Treated

The following areas can be treated with Cellulite Reduction treatment:

All Spring Mist Med Spa Cellulite Reduction treatments begin with a free consultation session. Call 905 875 3300 to book or book online.

Price:  Prices range from $100 to $375 per session

Why You Should Consider Cellulite Reduction Treatment at Spring Mist Med Spa

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