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Spring Mist Med Spa’s Body Treatments are a perfect treat for the skin. They are not only a great way to pamper, but also a necessary part of a good skin care regimen. At Spring Mist Med Spa Milton, our Body Treatments will cleanse, soothe, nourish, revitalize, and rejuvenate your skin. 

(Use in-room shower after the treatment)

 Spring Mist Back Treatment $120

This is an ideal treatment for problematic skin conditions for your back. Relaxation combined with deep cleansing helps to normalize the skin, leaving it pure and visibly improved.

Detoxifying Hydro Marine Body Polish        $150

Sea Salt Peeling removes dead skin cells and restores the skin’s softness and gently enhances blood flow. It re-mineralizes the skin and has a lasting impact on metabolic processes and cell functions. The concentrated infusion of minerals and trace elements boosts the metabolism, detoxifies the tissue. Ivy reduces fluid retention and Horse Chestnut strengthens the walls of the blood vessels. The relaxing and detoxifying body treatment Fortifies the skin, enhances skin vitality and tone.

Rahima Body Treatments                               $175

(for Energy and Strength)

Rahima” means “full of energy” and symbolizes the powerful magic of the African continent.

The deeply hydrating and conditioning body treatment with a combination of active ingredients such as Marula Oil, Fruit Seed Oil, rare extracts of the Red Tulip Tree and the Blue Lotus, a type of water lily, to moisturize and act as an antioxidant. It is both circulation-boosting and vitalizing, balancing the skin’s lipid metabolism and revitalizing the body and soul.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap Body Treatments          $140

Brace yourself for this luxurious Dead Sea mud wrap treatment.  The treatment includes sea salt exfoliation to detoxify, nourish and re-mineralize your body to leave you fully rejuvenated.75

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