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Get the body you desire with Spring Mist Med Spa’s non-invasive Body Contouring / Body Sculpting treatment.

Body Sculpting / Body Contouring is also known as Body Slimming treatment. Our innovative  treatment effectively sculpts your body in the image of your ideals. What’s more, the results are  achieved without surgery. 

Spring Mist Med Spa’s advanced technology dissolves cellulite to eliminate fat and tighten the skin. As a result of this treatment, you will see visibly slimmer and shapelier forms and more youthful looking skin. Additionally, you will be able to notice quantifiable results  in a relatively small number of short, pain-free sessions.  Moreover, our Body Contouring treatment requires no down time.

Spring Mist Med Spa’s Body Sculpting / Body Contouring treatment uses two types of energy. Namely, radio frequency (RF) and infrared light (IR)  is deployed to yield impressive results. First, we apply radio frequency waves to the treatment area. This step heats the fat cells beneath the skin, hence causing them to break down. Subsequently, your body’s lymphatic system absorbs and naturally disposes the broken-down fat cells from the body. Second, we apply infrared light to the treatment areas. This phase of treatment renews collagen cells and tightens the skin around the treatment area. 

To sum up, Spring Mist Med Spa’s body shaping treatment combines two proven technologies. This helps to sculpt a shapelier body with smooth, elastic, and glowing skin.

If you are looking for a treatment that is non-invasive, highly effective, and produces impressive results, then call us today for your free consultation.

Body Sculpting / Body Contouring Treatment Areas 

We successfully treat the following body areas with our body shaping treatment:

All  our Body Sculpting / Body Contouring  treatments begin with a free consultation session. Call 905 875 3300 to book or book online.

Price:  Prices range from $100 to $375 per session

Why You Should Consider  Body Sculpting / Body Contouring Treatment at Spring Mist Med Spa

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