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Spring Mist Med Spa’s Acne Scars Treatment reduces the appearance of acne scars by use of advanced fractional Er:YAG laser technology. This advanced laser technology has been proven to eliminate skin scars and blemishes in a safe manner. As a result of this treatment, you will see improved smoother skin texture after a few short sessions.

The Er:YAG laser used in our scars reduction treatment gently peels off the effected layer of skin over a series of treatment sessions. This leads to impressive  results as new smoother skin is generated. With each session, the acne scars gradually fade away. 

Our Acne Scar reduction treatment is ideal for face and back, as it will undo years of damage left behind by acne flares.

This flexible, reliable and advanced treatment will eliminate or reduce appearance of scars left by chronic or acute acne flares. As a result, you will see improved skin texture with smoother appearance with a brighter glow.

At Spring Mist Med Spa, all laser treatments begin only after you receive an extensive initial free consultation session. Moreover, all treatments are tailored to your specific skin concerns. So, call today to book.

Call Spring Mist Med Spa Milton today 905 875 3300 to book or click the button at the bottom to book your consultation online.

Price:  Starting from $200 per session

Ask for our multi-session specials.

 Why You Should Consider Acne Scars Treatment at Spring Mist Med Spa

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